Logo USB Wristband

Logo USB Wristband

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This is an Officially Licensed Daughtry Logo USB Wristband - 4GB white silicone

You can order the audio from your city on the 2014 North American Summer Tour! Enjoy Daughtry's performance of your event over and over again with a 4GB USB of the live concert. The high quality audio recording can be transferred into iTunes or other mp3 players. Once you purchase, you will be able to choose one show of your choice to download on the USB Wristband. Last but not least, this USB wristband is also a reusable flash drive! Use it to store and/or transfer personal files. If you receive your USB wristband before the show you are attending, you will receive a message to try back later. Most shows will appear within a few weeks of the show date for download. NOTE: There are some instances when a live show is not allowed to be recorded by venue rules or technical difficulties. In the event that we cannot record the show you attended, you will be allowed to choose any other live Daughtry show available. INSTRUCTIONS: To activate your new live show purchase, you will need an internet connection. Plug your USB wristband into your computer (Apple or PC compatible). Open the USB drive from your computer, you will see a folder for Apple or PC, choose your computer type, then click the file called LAUNCH to download the manager. After the download manager opens, select your show and click download.

If you would like to sync your live show to iTunes, Windows Media, or Google Play go here: http://downloads.musiconelive.com/faq